Detailed description of the challenge problem can be found here .

Accepted Solutions

Applied Tool     Paper  Artifacts
ThingML Implementing the MDETools’18 challenge with ThingML
Jakob Høgenes and Brice Morin.
AutoFOCUS3 Controlling a virtual rover using AutoFOCUS3
Levi Lucio, Sudeep Kanav, Andreas Bayha and Johannes Eder.
Papyrus-RT An evaluation of Papyrus-RT in solving the leader-follower challenge problem
Karim Jahed.
[Models] [Instructions] [Demo]
Scenario Tools Modeling and programming a leader-lollower challenge problem with scenario-based tools
Joel Greenyer, Michael Bar-Sinai, Gera Weiss, Aviran Sadon and Assaf Marron.
Umple Applying Umple to the rover control challenge problem: A case study in model-driven engineering
Timothy Lethbridge and Abdulaziz Algablan.
[Models] [Instructions]
xtUML Navigating the rover with xtUML
Keith Brown.
Embedded Engineer Rover Controller with Embedded Engineer
LieberLieber Software GmbH and TU Vienna.