List of accepted papers

A case study of model-driven engineering for automated timetabling information on submission
Clement Eke, Antonio Garcia-Dominguez, Jort van Mourik and Ifti Khan

A Model Checkable UML Soccer Player
Valentin Besnard, Matthias Brun, Philippe Dhaussy, Frédéric Jouault and Ciprian Teodorov

Solving the RoboSoccer challenge problem with UML-RT and Papyrus-RT
Majid Babaei, Karim Jahed and Juergen Dingel

Usability of Development Tools: A CASE-Study
Thomas Weber, Heinrich Hussmann and Alois Zoitl

Towards Concrete Syntax Based Find for Graphical Domain Specific Languages
Elina Kalnina and Agris Sostaks

Using Behavioral Programming with Solver, Context, and Deep Reinforcement Learning for Playing a Simplified RoboCup-type Game
Achiya Elyasaf, Aviran Sadon, Gera Weiss and Tom Yaacov

Voice-Driven Modeling: Software Modeling Using Automated Speech Recognition
Dana Black, Eric J. Rapos and Matthew Stephan

JSOI: A JSON-based interchange format for efficient model management
Horacio Hoyos and Beatriz A. Sanchez